Whale Rocking Chair - Birch & White

Brand: Sprout

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The Whale Rocking Chair by Sprout is a fun addition to any playroom. Kids love having an animal rocker. The Whale Rocker can open up an imaginary underwater world for your kid, where they can frolic with the fish and the mermaids, chat with dolphins, or ride a whale. Since this whale chair is also a rocking chair your children will even get the feeling that they are being gently rocked by the waves. The whale rocker is a creative substitute for the modern rocking horse. As with all Sprout furniture, the whale rocker features a tool-less easy assembly. It also packs flat so it can easily be stored under the bed or in the closet. It is a great addition to any kids room or you can put it in the living area to give them a little place that is all their own.
Sized for growth, ages 3-8
Less than 5 min assembly
Rounded corners and edges
Space-saving disassembly
American design and manufacture
20" W x 31" D x 17.5" H