Wall Decal "Into Montreal"

Brand: ADzif

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All ADZif decals are easy to remove and, even after many years, will not leave any residue on your walls.
Wall decals, easy to install and to remove, damage free, can be used on wall, furniture, appliances, mirrors, etc ¦ A design is printed on white vinyl and then cut out.
This allows ADZif to create unique patterns in a wide range of colors.
Application is effortless: peel off the backing and stick the decal on the wall.
Large-size decals or those with a delicate pattern may sometimes come with a transfer tape for easy application.
An avid illustrator from a young age,   Raphael Dairon  is always striving to elaborate on and perfect the detailed comic book style work in his drawings and visuals.
Wall Decal "Into Montreal"
Installed dimension, as shown: 104 in x 18 in