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Renwil's art studio is the heart of their company.
In a creative milieu, their in-house artists experiment with a wide range of materials to come up with new, innovative designs every day.

Circles makes a significant impact in this work of art. Hanging within the classic bedroom interior, it adds to the dream-like appeal one aims to create within the space. Whether set vertically or horizontally, the gold leaf details allow for the pale pinks and soft teals to draw in the eye upon entry.


  • Hand-painted
  • Canvas
  • Copper leaf accents
  • Walnut flush frame
  • 2-way hanging
  • D-ring
  • Net weight: 9lbs
  • Gross weight: 13.4lbs
  • Artist: Edward View

    50" W x 40" H x 2" D
    Delivery in 3-5 weeks