Marlon the Robot


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Raplapla cloth toys are designed to be loved, hugged and tugged, they are made fireside in Montreal.
As soon as the last stitch is sewn, they search the world over for a family to adopt them.
A happy rag doll.
Perfect for kids aged 1 to 101.   Part of our classic collection.   Marlon is a flying robot.
Thanks to his battery-free remote control, he takes off and soars all over the house at full speed.
Like a tornado, he zooms past all the knickknacks in the living room and terrorizes the neighbour ™s cat, surprises Grandma drinking tea with her friends, and takes over the flour jar, covering the kitchen in fluffy white snow, all in the blink of an eye.
With him, anything goes ”the only snag is we don ™t know how to stop him.
if you find out how to stop him, please send a message to œraplapla after-sales service, Montreal, Canada ? to let us know how you did it!)
Marlon the Robot