Montessori Toddler Bed - Birch


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Low beds are a great way to encourage autonomy and freedom in the early developmental stages of your child’s life. They help children learn about physical boundaries and develop spatial awareness while keeping the mattress off the ground to prevent mildew. With Sprout's Montessori Floor Bed, children are free to interact with their surroundings at their pace, making the home the first learning environment. Mattress not included.
Grows with your child. Sprout's floor bed is flippable to ease transition to a bigger bed.
Long life. Superior materials and flippable design means it can be used for years.
Accessible to infants and young children and sized to accommodate parents.
Easily storage for the next child, pack flat to move, or ship to a new home after re-selling.
Finished smooth with No-VOC, UV cured finish that's safe for children and for the environment.
  • 1 Low + 1 High side is for beds arranged with a side against the wall. Put the high side next to the wall to help prevent wedging for babies who roll in their sleep, but aren't yet mobile enough to right themselves.
  • The Scoop Side has a short entry point at the foot of the bed for crawling infants to climb off and on. At the head, the side is higher to help block rolling babies. Newborns can safely lay on the floor bed with an unobstructed view of the entire room, preparing them for mobility when they’ll be able to explore freely. Montessori encourages the placement of visually engaging elements such as mobiles and pictures within the baby’s eye-line, which are to be hung above and around the bed.
  • Flip the bed frame upside down to make a platform bed for taller children. As children grow older and are ready for a taller "big kid" bed this side gives added height. Depending on the size of the mattress, this side can last children through their teenage years.
Toddler Frame:   54"L X 29"W X 11"H