Pascale Bonenfant Monsieur l’escargot et l’alphabet


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Monsieur l ™escargot et l ™alphabet is a print of a mixed media piece by Pascale Bonenfant .
This limited edition print can be enjoyed simply as a piece of art, or additionally as a  game! With your child, look for  all the letters of the alphabet in order or randomly, name the letters by color, search for numbers, or form simple words...or invent your own game.
ABOUT THE ARTIST Pascale Bonenfant uses drawing, collage, watercolors and sometimes screen printing to create her playful works of art.
In the last few years her work has appeared in a wide range of publications and exhibitions, including more than a dozen books.
Her first book, Le parapluie jaune , written by Lili Chartrand , won third prize in the prestigious Concours Lux 2011 (Livre Jeunesse) .
Visit her website to learn more about her work.
Pascale Bonenfant Monsieur l ™escargot et l ™alphabet