Elephant Paper Craft


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Want a modern fun alternative to the normal framed wall art? Look no further than these adorable animal poly crafts! These poly crafts come in many different animals, shapes and objects.
Perfect for any babies, toddlers or kids bedroom or playroom.
Unlike many (if not all) products out there, this is an actual kit that includes pre-cut, pre-scored and pre-numbered for assembly pieces.
By Low Poly Crafts, you save the time put into finding the right quality of paper, printing the pieces, cutting and scoring them, and you can simply skip ahead to assembling.
  • Head and Antlers come in 27 different colours, it's up to you to combine them!  
  • Quick Dry Glue and Palette knife sold separately.
  • Assembly Difficulty Level:
  • 3/5 - Medium/Hard
  • Dimensions (Full Assembled Sizing):
  • 24" x 33.5" x 17.7"
  • For all kits, we provide a smaller practice kit. We recommend you try your hand putting the practice kit together first before starting on the actual model you purchased
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