Love to be Me Children's Book

Brand: Sarah Kraftchuk

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Our  body is our vehicle to experience life in wonder! Through our bodies and our senses we interact with the world around us.
Love To Be Me! teaches us to honour our uniqueness, and express our love for who we are, in this moment.
Love To Be Me! creates a space for self-exploration, inclusivity and open-dialogue.
This book is an invitation explore and cultivate skills of mindfulness, including awareness and self-compassion through a loving-kindness body scan.
Thoughtful text with whimsical art! Infants and toddlers will delight in the colourful illustrations and in learning about the parts of their bodies.
Preschoolers and school-agers will recognize themselves in the wonderful diversity of faces and abilities.
This book speaks to the child in all of us, to love and honour all of these beautiful bodies we have been given.
For any parent, teacher or friend to share with their younger friends, this book encourages all of us to love ourselves just as we are.
Love To Be Me! is an excellent resource for kindergarten, elementary and yoga teachers.
Making the world a kinder place begins with being kind to your self.
Author: Sarah Kraftchuk
  • Illustrator: Sari Richter
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