Lili the Hockey Fan


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Lili is a hockey fan. On game nights, she puts on a huge red sweater, prays the Sainte-Flanelle, and screams with joy as she watches the Habs players glide on the ice. She also likes shepherd's pie, chocolate, cats and bopping to the radio. She does not like agendas or Fermat's theorem. But she loves pizza. Without anchovies..
  • A happy rag doll. Perfect for kids aged 1 to 101.
  • This doll is suitable for babies (and adults)
  • Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand
  • Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!)
  • A sock on your doll's head will protect her eyes
  • No, their eyes are not glued on
  • 14.5" H