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Glass Food Storage (240 mL)

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White (Green Lid)
White (Purple Lid)
The 1 cup (240ml) is ideal for smaller, kid-friendly portions of healthy snacks and veggies.
Tempered glass storage containers and sleeves are oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.
This allows the glass and the sleeve to serve as bakeware.
The medical-grade silicone sleeves provide protection and include button tabs to secure the lids during transport.
The sleeves do not need to be removed for cleaning.
The lids are made of BPA/BPS-free polypropylene (PP#5) and are dishwasher safe.
Baking and microwaving with the lids is not recommended.
The glass and silicone sleeves are microwave and oven safe up to 425 °.
For oven use only.
Not for use in broiler, on stovetop, in a toaster oven, with alcohol burners, in a microwave with a browner or in a microwave to hold or support popcorn bags.
use non-scratch pads and avoid hard utensils. For hard-to-remove foods
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