Kalora Infinity 7164 Rug


Kalora rugs are made in some of the most culturally rich parts of the world, and the company is bold enough to travel to those places in order to bring you eccentric home additions. A rug is more than just a decorative piece; it plays a significant role in establishing the tone of your setting and can contribute so much more than just a pretty look and feel to your space. While there are so many ways you could decorate with your Kalora rug, we recommend identifying a place that requires a touch of color and character. Perhaps your kitchen needs a little more life, or your living room has so many color combinations that it needs to be tamed with a monochrome shade. Locate your indoor space and invite a Kalora rug to fill the floors of that room and bring back the things you love the most. A second step cannot be taken without a first, so add some shine and dazzle to your home with Kalora rugs today.


Delivery in approx. 10 days.