Growth Chart Ruler


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Unit of Measurement


Because kids grow like weeds! This giant ruler made of Russian birch is perfect for baby rooms and play areas alike. As it is mobile, you can keep these memories from one house to another, from one generation to the next. Perfect shower or first birthday gift !!
The growth ladder. Abricotine are in two with the help of hinges to take up less space. She arrives easily at your home. For the installation, nothing is complicated, then it is found behind the scales of growth, a serrated hook. This will be so easy to install your training from a frame. The growth ladders must be installed at 6.75 inches from the imperial model and 20 cm at the metric model. With the aid of a tape measure, note the distance from the hook to the bottom of the scale and the measurement that corresponds to your model. You will have the necessary height to be able to install your screw (which is not included).