Gilles the Koala


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Gilles Cadorette is a small old-timer koala. He is calm and well tamed, but a little deaf. He's a retired biker. He knows the small roads of Quebec like his pocket (and better than your GPS).
Sweet. Extra soft even.
  • Small and light, babies love to handle it.
  • You can slip your hand under his sweater for a hug in complete privacy.
  • We have not yet discovered his secret, but this koala seduces everyone who crosses him.
  • Gilles Cadorette was a REAL biker. And as far as I know, he wasn't a koala. He is the grandpa of a person dear to my heart.
  • This plush is suitable for babies, from birth.
  • Polyester velvet, stuffed with polyester fibers. Face embroidered.
  • 22 cm