Fantôme Bruce Lee


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This fabric stamp likes to be rubbed on the tip of babies' noses. Suckled or stroked, they travel together to the land of dreams. He lives in a fabric envelope. A baby-stamp to suckle and stroke, to slip into sleep like a letter in the mail. Snow white when the baby receives it, it will soon take on colors: if you're lucky, you can even make out the face of the Queen after a few months of use. Do not wash too often if you want to take advantage of this side effect. Add a little whitener if you are against the monarchy.
  • It is a square of fabric that can be used as a companion to cuddle, comfort, and fall asleep.
  • 100% organic cotton, head stuffed with polyester fibers
  •  The eyes, mouth and heart are embroidered.
  • Machine wash on cold water, or wash by hand
  • Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!)
  • 24 X 32 cm