Evergreen Wall Mural

Brand: Urban Walls

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The forest flourishes with warmer weather, teeming with lush greens as every tree blooms to its fullest potential. Hand-painted by Mary Clare Wilkie, the Evergreen Mural is alive with brush strokes, overlapping into a symphony of greens—dark and light, rich and vivid. Where cool earth and warm sun collide, light and shadow filter through a leafy canopy, creating dappled green on a mossy bed below.
  • Self Adhesive Removable Vinyl
  • In total you will receive 6 strips, that will be numbered on the backside, and easy to apply in order
  • Quick installation (easy-to-understand application instructions included)
  • Specialized vinyl for easy installation, specifically designed for home décor
  • Matte finish Long-lasting (think years!)
  • Easily removable without causing wall damage (however, not reusable)
11.5' wide x 9' high (custom sizes are also available upon request)