Elise Gravel Wall Decal - Dancing Monsters

Brand: ADzif

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Is there such thing as monsters that don ™t give kids nightmares? Thanks to Élise Gravel, the answer is yes! Her gang of friendly, colourful monsters in tutus add a splash of fun to your walls.
These adorable creatures are sure to become your new best friends! Can ™t choose a design, or want to check for an exact colour? We also sell 8 ? × 10 ? test samples of each product to help plan your decoration project.
Élise Gravel   was born in Montreal in 1977 and started drawing at a very young age.   She   is a big name in illustration, but without the big ego.
This bubbly Montreal illustrator is sharing drawings from her books with ADzif, to create  fun and colourful decors.
Elise Gravel Wall Decal - Dancing Monsters
Installed dimensions, as shown: 32 x 18 in / 82 x 46 cm