Dasha Saves the Day: At the Park Children's Book


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There's a hero in all of us...
Welcome to the exciting world of Dasha Flash ®, where anything can happen! Today Dasha is having fun at the park with her two best friends.
She's taking pictures of everyone and everything.
Oh no! There's something wrong.
Will this strong girl super hero save the day? Find out in this compassionate and endearing story about kindness, friends and family, community and discovering the hero within us all.
A creative pairing of storytelling and activities where kids can create a personalized book as they paste photos of family and friends on dedicated pages.
Also includes an exercise where reader listener can engage in dialogue about heroes.
Your purchase of this interactive children's book helps support the Dasha Flash ® Foundation, which aims to bring children and communities together to create art as a vehicle for acts of kindness and celebrating our heroes.
Dasha Saves the Day: At the Park Children's Book