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Build your own metropolitan paradise with the hand-drawn Cityscape Half Order decal pack by Urban Walls! This towering skyline comes in black, grey and white, but features pops of color found in the yellow glow of window light, the blue of a nearby river, and the spring green of park shrubbery. And since cities are always under construction, you can find cranes building up skyscrapers alongside yellow dump trucks and bulldozers! Each pack also includes clouds, birds and hot air balloons so the city sky will have as much detail as the city skyline. Perfect for playrooms, kids’ bedrooms, or for the resident builder or city-lover in your life, the Cityscape decal pack incorporates all the hustle and bustle of growing metropolis
  • 2 Separate Building Compilations in various sizes from 19" wide x 46" tall to 87" wide x 30" tall
  • Accompanied by 1 accent Hot Air Balloons, clouds and tractor decals