Black Cage Lamp Shade

Brand: PLOG-it

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Lamp shades with modern, minimalist lines. Graphic shapes that will look just as great in your dining room or bedroom as in your living room or foyer. Pair them with a Plog-it or a Fix-it in the colour of your choice! 

This discreet black metallic lamp shade is very popular for the office or in small bedrooms, where it blends right into the décor. Combined with a Plog-it, it can become an ultra-original bedside lamp. The openwork shade is also perfect in your hallway or living room, casting patterns onto the floor once night falls!

Minimalist and modern, it will enhance your decor instantly!

Made of metal . Combine it with our Plog-it and Fix-it light fixtures (except with our braided collection) . Does not come with the cord .
13cm x 16cm / 5in x 6.3in