Auto-Close SafeGate - White


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Convenient and safe. The Qdos Auto-Close SafeGate meets the toughest European Safety Standards as well as the US and Canadian Standards. Just release the opened door and it automatically closes and latches into a locked positon behind you. For added peace of mind, Qdos added the At-A-Glance Indicator™ so you can confirm with a quick glance that the gate is securely locked.
  • Auto-Close feature closes door automatically for convenience and safety
  • Magnetic Lock with At-A-Glance Indicator™ shows when door is securely locked
  • NiteSafe™ Glow Strip warns against trip hazard at night
  • Qdos recommends never use any pressure mount gate at the top of the stairs due to the inherent trip hazard
  • Wide door for easy pass through
  • Fits Openings 29.3" - 36.8" (74.5 - 93.5 cm) with included extensions. With additional extensions up to 47.8” (121.5 cm)