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Alain The Radish


Meet Alain, stoic radish, always ready to be bitten, covered in drool, turned upside down, and blithely thrown from rage on the floor. When teething starts, tension rises to new heights. Go for it babies, chew on Alain, and fast, may the tooth come out!
  • Soft and tender, wood is ideal for babies to bite when their gums are aching
  • Made of maple from North America, oiled with mineral oil
  • Wash the radish in the machine, in cold water, or by hand
  • Wash the ring in warm water, by hand
  • Hang to dry (please! don't put me in the dryer!)
  • Let the ring dry completely before reattaching the radish
  • The leaves of this radish have one side in velvet and one in satin for the pleasure of discovering different materials
  • 7" H