Cupolas Mustard Shade


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Lamp shades with modern, minimalist lines. Graphic shapes that will look just as great in your dining room or bedroom as in your living room or foyer. Pair them with a Plog-it or a Fix-it in the colour of your choice! Discover the "Cupolas" from La case de cousin Paul, hand-made with polyester fibre. The light is slightly dimmed to provide a soft ambient lighting, making it ideal in a bedroom, a living room or a dining room.


Minimalist and modern, it will enhance your decor instantly!

Ball in polyester fibre. Hand-made. The ball is sold folded with instructions and a balloon to return it to its perfectly rounded shape. The lamp can be hung or set on a base. Universal mount provided for hanging (compatible with E27 sockets). Combine it with our Plog-it and Fix-it light fixtures (except with our braided collection) . Does not come with the cord. Does not come with the bulb.

36cm in diameter / 14.1in in diameter