Basil the Pirate


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Raplapla cloth toys are designed to be loved, hugged and tugged, they are made fireside in Montreal.
As soon as the last stitch is sewn, they search the world over for a family to adopt them.
Basile is a pirate.
He likes chocolate fries, Gouda cheese and tobacco.
He has a pet seagull that can talk (together they play dice and attack fishing boats).
A long time ago, he fell into the water and his eye was poked by an electric jellyfish; ever since, he ™s had three eyes instead of one, and since it ™s so strange he prefers to wear an eye patch so he doesn ™t have to tell the jellyfish story all day long (but he has very good eyesight and doesn ™t even need to use the telescope anymore).
And his wooden leg...
well, we don ™t actually know what happened there.
Basile Doll